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  1. Lilian Faustle schreibt:

    hi diana, yes i have informations for you, and YES its still very necessary to bring money in for the peeps over there in the mud flood area!

    I got back from Sirahan 2 weeks ago and have daily sms contact with 3 english teachers who work for a kindergarten, a primary school and a technical highschool which were entirely distroyed. One kindergarden needs about 14 thousand euro to rebuild and get the office, the toys, salaries and other stuff needed for a 125 kids kindergarten back on track. Another primary school got filled up with sand and the children (who all live in a shelter) go to 6 different locations to receive their schooling (all different village comunity centers, one big enough for 1 class.) the kids who have lost their houses, also have no funds to buy new uniforms and books, so its quiet complicated to conduct a routine that is now so important to them. Also the transport is an issue, right now they rent a minibus who drops them off and picks them up, but the funds only last another month.

    Its still not clear whats gonna happen with the villagers, they have not found land big enough to build temporary huts for all families. Whats clear is that they wont be able to inhabit their village for maybe 4 years. Since I was there 2,5 weeks ago, 2 more massive floods have come, and although they keep digging and digging the sand mud area is expanding rapidly, soon spreading to the next village.

    Its such a big problem that one might give up beforehand thinking its too big, but if you focus on the children and what education will do for them, it all looks much simpler.
    Before we left we bought toys for about 25 kids of a small playgroup/kindergarten, they are setting up house in a private home now, and with just 100 euros worth of toys, crayons, paper and all kinds of games and creative stuff, they can actually move forward. okay, they dont have chairs and tables, but thats not the fundamental thing of a school. they can sit on carpets. But without toys there just is no school. So there you go, it can be that easy! baby steps. they mean the world!

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